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December 2022

Jets' xray results came back - 8 months after sending them in... 
She has HD A & ED 0
Unfortunately, during a tooth surgery (broken tooth), the vet did find some signs, that Jet probably suffers from CORL (Canine odontoclastic resorptive lesion). Due to that, no litters are planned with her, which is very sad, because she has such a lovely temperament. 

Guinness has since a few months some bald spots on her neck and back legs, which are mostly a sign for follicular dysplasia. Due to that issue, no litters are planned with her. 

June 2022

Jet and Guinness passed their character test at DRC e.V. in Germany.

May 2021

I've got Ozzys' and Jets' EMBARK results: 
Ozzy is free for everything.
Jet is free for every breed related genetic disease (and even other tests), 
except that she is carrier for DM.