Guinness - Guinness goes Eastwest Beautiful Curl of Schwarzseeland

Guinness is a daughter to Ozzy and future hope for the Eastwest kennel... 


Guinness is our promising daughter to Ozzy.  She is full of spirits and learns quickly. She has quite a lot from her father, apart from her look and temperament. She loves to play and cuddle.
Despite being the youngest, she is very vigilant and responsive. Where I am, she is.
She likes to work, but is not a workaholic, as Jet is.
She is great with other dogs, very superior.
She's developing nicely and I'm excited to see how she will turn out.

Guinness goes Eastwest Beautiful Curl of Schwarzseeland
SHSB / LOS 771028
Ch Praetorium Latobicorum's Hideo x Ch Djaba Beautiful Curl of Schwarzseeland
born 19/11/2019

Hips: not performed yet
Elbows: not performed yet
Eyes: not performed yet
EIC: clear by parentage
GSDIIIa: clear by parentage
other genetic testing: not performed yet

Work & Show

A few tests planned for 2021/2022... We'll see.. Corona. :(

Israel online dog show game 2020 on facebook (unofficial):
Baby class: class winner, Best baby

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